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After watching the Pilot third time, I ask myself, where have you guys been in a long time. This is a must show everyone must be part of.

Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Manager

This has changed the paradigm of the modeling industry. There is nothing like this. Kudos to the organizers of this show

Sara Richards
Sara Richards Sales Manager

After watching the trailer, I will advise all ladies to participate in this competition. This is absolutely interesting.

Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson Marketing

About Miss Traders

Someting You Need to Know
From a Local Trader to Brand Ambassador

Follow the Lives of 30 Traders, to their homes, office, and camp.  

Attend multiple activities to turn them into a Brand Ambassador that will represent multiple brands in their local area, making them the King of Guirella Marketer. 

About Miss Traders

Be the NEXT Miss Trader!

If you are 5ft 8in and above women and think you have what it takes to be a model send us headshot and full length shot along with your age, contact details, height, bust, waist and hip measurements.


Someting You Need to Know

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